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About Me

Body Worship

I’m a highly experienced and well equipped Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

I have a large repertoire of BDSM interests ranging from mild to sadistic. My main website is at https://www.mistress-ella.co.uk/

The reason for this particular website is that I have a penchant for full body worship. I enjoy it. In fact unless it is a hard limit of yours I may demand it from you. I am the only Mistress in Huddersfield who allows full body worship.

Body Worship with Me is not a given. I only allow Body Worship from slaves who are scrupulously clean, very submissive and highly respectful.

Some people in the world of BDSM say that Mistresses who allow Body Worship are not ‘proper’ Mistresses. Oh slave, believe Me, I am a Mistress of the highest echelon, but I am a Mistress who knows what She wants and who always gets what She wants.

If you think you have what it takes to satisfy Me, contact Me.

Huddersfield Body Worship Mistress